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Operation Wet Gap

Some intriguing names of training exercises revealed in a recent written answer.


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Tory MP’s anger at “absurd” MoD top brass

A former defence minister has questioned whether the armed forces have too many senior officers.

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MPs vent their frustration during Afghanistan debate

The situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan was the subject of a lengthy debate in the Commons last week, during which the government was accused of not providing British troops with enough helicopters.

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Defence committee says lack of helicopters “undermines” operations

The Commons Defence Select Committee has said overseas operations are being seriously undermined by the shortage of helicopters capable of being deployed.

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MPs clash over helicopter provision for troops fighting in Afghanistan

The Secretary of State for Defence Bob Ainsworth assured the Commons yesterday that the government is providing troops fighting in Afghanistan with enough helicopter cover.

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Government should adopt “hard-headed” approach to engagement with Russia

A committee of MPs has concluded that while cooperation with Russia is “desirable”, it should not come at the price of accepting the legitimacy of a Russian sphere of influence.

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MPs angry that decision on Trident renewal will be made during summer recess

MPs warned today that Trident nuclear weapons should not be replaced over the House of Commons summer holiday.

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