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MPs slam Israel over Gaza bombardment but welcome endorsement of two-state solution

A major report on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been published by the Foreign Affairs Committee.


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Labour rebel MPs fail to secure amendment to Finance Bill on 10p tax

A group of Labour MPs failed to pass an amendment to the Finance Bill yesterday that would have forced the goverment to ensure nobody is financially worse off as a result of the abolition of the 10p rate of income tax.

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Administration committee calls for Iraq War inquiry to be public

A committee of MPs has recommended the inquiry into the Iraq War be held “as openly and publicly as possible.”

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MPs call for Iraq War inquiry to be held in public

Labour, Lib Dem and Conservative MPs have attacked the decision to hold an inquiry into the Iraq War in private.

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Margaret Beckett joins crowded race for Speaker

Veteran Labour MP Margaret Beckett has revealed she is a candidate to succeed Michael Martin as Speaker of the House of Commons.

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From the archives: Tony Blair says goodbye to the Commons

Prime Ministers leave office in a variety of ways. Some, such as Margaret Thatcher, are forced out by their own colleagues and return to the backbenches.

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From the archives: William Hague’s nightmare on Downing St

Former Conservative party leader William Hague is regarded as one of best peformers in the House. This performance appears to have amused friend and foe alike.

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