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Mortgage lenders accused of using repossession as a ‘first resort’

A committee of MPs has said that “many sub–prime, specialist and second charge lenders” are using repossession not as a tool of last resort, but instead of first resort.


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EU spending on agriculture not economic recovery

A committee of peers has criticised the European Commission for spending too much money on agriculture.

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Financial Services Authority “failures” over collapse of Dunfermline Building Society

The Financial Services Authority did not issue clear warnings to Dunfermline Building Society (DBS) about the dangers of commercial lending, a committee of MPs has said.

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Committee calls for evidence from small business on government’s credit scheme

A committee of MPs has asked small and medium size enterprises to provide evidence on the way in which banks have used the Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG) scheme.

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Long-term decline of UK manufacturing ‘not as bad as other countries’

Last week the House of Commons discussed UK manufacturing.

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Chancellor: reform of financial system will “rebuild for the future”

The Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling told MPs today that he intends to reform and strengthen the UK’s financial system and “rebuild it for the future.”

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MP attacks high-street banks’ “penchant” for imposing unfair charges

Labour MP Tom Clarke (Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill) has called for an end to “financial injustice perpetrated by the power of banks against individual consumers.”

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