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MPs call for scrutiny of arms exports to Israel and Sri Lanka

The Committees on Arms Export Controls have published their their annual report, which includes scrutiny of export licences granted in 2008.


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Diego Garcia’s role in US rendition flights raises “disquieting questions”

The effectiveness of the Government’s exercise of its responsibilities in relation to the British Overseas Territory of Diego Garcia has been questioned by the Foreign Affairs Committee.

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Sri Lanka’s government ‘not trusted’ over internment camp detainees

Hundreds of thousands of people are trapped in internment camps despite the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka.

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Minister rules out using water cannon against Parliament Square protest by Tamils

The government has “no plans” to introduce water cannons in the policing of demonstrations.

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Foreign Office: Sri Lankan civilians caught in conflict our first concern

The Sri Lankan government was condemned for causing a civilian “bloodbath” by MPs in the House of Commons yesterday.

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Brown and Cameron clash over expenses at PMQs

The Leader of the Opposition, David Cameron has challenged Gordon Brown to ‘show some leadership’ by scrapping MPs’ £10,000 communications allowance.

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Tory MP suggests deploying water cannons against Parliament Square Tamils

A veteran MP has suggested tougher tactics against the ongoing Tamil protests in Parliament Square.

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