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Government accused of “dumping” written ministerial answers in session’s final days

The Shadow Leader of the House of Commons has accused Harriet Harman of “rather taking the mickey” over the “absurd number of written ministerial statements published today.”


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NHS ‘blame culture’ attacked by health committee

The NHS is putting targets and financial balance sheets ahead of patient safety, MPs have warned.

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Swine flu could infect 100,000 people a day by next month

The Health Secretary has updated MPs on the outbreak of swine flu in the UK.

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Triumph for opposition MP as autism bill moves forward with government support

A bill that would require an adult autism strategy and statutory guidance has passed all its Commons stages.

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Andy Burnham briefs MPs on swine flu pandemic

The Health Secretary came to the Commons on Friday after the World Health Organisation raised its swine flu pandemic alert status to phase 6.

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MPs clash over ban on display of tobacco products in shops

Andy Burnham made his first appearance at the despatch box as Secretary of State for Health yesterday.

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Sadiq Khan first Muslim to attend Cabinet as reshuffle completed

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has completed the reshuffle of his ministerial team that began with the Cabinet on Friday.

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