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Lords claim government was under-prepared for swine flu epidemic

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee has criticised the government’s preparations for the swine flu outbreak.


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MPs ask if “Harriet or Mandy” will run the country during summer recess

Harriet Harman told MPs today that Gordon Brown will remain in charge while Parliament is in recess.

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Government accused of “dumping” written ministerial answers in session’s final days

The Shadow Leader of the House of Commons has accused Harriet Harman of “rather taking the mickey” over the “absurd number of written ministerial statements published today.”

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Swine flu could infect 100,000 people a day by next month

The Health Secretary has updated MPs on the outbreak of swine flu in the UK.

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PM reveals there are more than 6,000 swine flu cases in UK reports on the exchanges during this week’s session of questions to the prime minister.

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Skunk cannabis and swine flu worry MPs at Health questions

The effect of cannabis on mental health and the potential spread of swine flu on commercial flights were among the issues raised with Health ministers yesterday.

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Andy Burnham briefs MPs on swine flu pandemic

The Health Secretary came to the Commons on Friday after the World Health Organisation raised its swine flu pandemic alert status to phase 6.

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