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Committee says charity support programmes suffered from bad management

Two Cabinet Office programmes designed to build up the expertise and resources of third sector organisations were failed by a lack of good practice and project management.


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Lords: Scotland is ‘overpaid’ by Barnett funding formula

The formula used to allocate government funds to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is unfair and should be replaced.

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MPs praise EU’s improved financial management but “difficulties remain”

A commitee of MPs has said the European Commission has made “significant effort” over recent years to improve the financial management of the European Union.

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Committee calls for evidence on broadband speed

The Business and Enterprise Committee will carry out an inquiry in the broadband speed in the UK, it has been announced.

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The government has too many ministers says admin committee

The Public Administration Select Committee has published an examination of government in Britain that concludes there should be fewer ministers.

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Committee claims government enthusiasm for e-Petitions has “evaporated”

A committee of MPs has said it is “disappointed” at the government does not appear to fully support a new scheme for online petitions.

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Education committee blames national curriculum for making teaching “a franchise operation”

The Children, Schools and Families Committee has published a report that is highly critical of the National Curriculum.

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