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MPs call for scrutiny of arms exports to Israel and Sri Lanka

The Committees on Arms Export Controls have published their their annual report, which includes scrutiny of export licences granted in 2008.


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Diego Garcia’s role in US rendition flights raises “disquieting questions”

The effectiveness of the Government’s exercise of its responsibilities in relation to the British Overseas Territory of Diego Garcia has been questioned by the Foreign Affairs Committee.

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Foreign Affairs committee stands up for gay rights in the Cayman Islands

A committee of MPs has said it is “deplorable” that the Cayman Islands draft constitution excludes sexual orientation as a prohibited ground for discrimination.

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MPs slam Israel over Gaza bombardment but welcome endorsement of two-state solution

A major report on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been published by the Foreign Affairs Committee.

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MPs vent their frustration during Afghanistan debate

The situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan was the subject of a lengthy debate in the Commons last week, during which the government was accused of not providing British troops with enough helicopters.

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Repatriation of pregnant drug smuggler held up by $70,000 fine

A British woman who has been convicted of smuggling heroin into Laos cannot be repatriated because the country’s authorities want her to pay her fine first.

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Israel accused after humanitarian ship is boarded and Britons detained

Labour MP Emily Thornberry has said Israel is conducting a virtual blockade of Gaza that endangers the lives of Palestinian people.

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