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Parliamentary standards authority “incompatible” with human rights convention

The human rights of Members of Parliament will be compromised by the Parliamentary Standards Bill, which is being rushed through the House of Commons this week.


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MPs will face criminal charges for expenses fiddles under new legislation

New legislation that will control the behaviour of MPs will introduce new criminal offences, the Leader of the House has announced.

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MPs’ expenses details published on Parliament website

More than one million documents relating to the expenses claims of all 646 MPs have been published.

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Second home allowance receipts to be published tomorrow

The Members Estimate Committee has announced that printed documents and receipts relating to MPs’ Additional Costs Allowance (ACA), also known as the second homes allowance, will be published online tomorrow.

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Prime Minister presents changes to parliament but rules out referendum

The House of Commons will give up its independence and submit to a new Parliamentary Standards Authority.

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Commons approves sanctions against Lib Dems who leaked to The Guardian

The House of Commons has decided to withdraw access to the House from two Liberal Democrat Parliamentary staff.

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Harriet Harman announces new standards authority for MPs and peers

The Leader of the House of Commons has given MPs more detail about the proposed Parliamentary Standards Authority.

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